We Build Art!

2024 - Moth to the Flame

This year, we are helping to build some large art with FIRE out in the deep playa! Get involved to learn more ;)

Artist: Colin O'Bryan

2023 - Cozy Cat Tree

The coziest place on playa! This climbable art at the Cozy Cat Camp gave curious participants a cat's eye view of the entire playa. The purrfect place to take a cat nap! It was a crowd favorite. MEOW!

Artist: Colin O'Bryan

2022 - Consumption

The biggest art on playa! This Burning Man Honorarium was a 45 foot tall sculpture constructed out of discarded appliances. We hoped to make a big statement about the trouble with planned obsolescence and the burden of waste in our society. 

Artist: Tom Boughner

Meet the Artist! Colin O'Bryan

Big art is his specialty!