Cozy Cat Camp 


What to Expect from the Cozy Cat Camp

Shaded Tent Camping

Tent campers will have overhead shade to protect them from direct sun exposure. There will also be shade material on the sides of the shade structure. This will create a private area for people in our camp.

Communal Shade

We will also have a shaded common area open to all Cozy Cats and camp visitors. We will provide some seating, but please try to bring your own chair to ensure that you will always have a place to sit. 

Camp Kitchen

We will have a simple community kitchen consisting of a stove, some cooking utensils and pots, and a sterilization station. As a community resource, you must keep the kitchen clean and wash what you use. There will be NO freezer or refrigerator; bring a cooler. And there will be NO camp-wide meals. However, if you do wish to cook large portions and share with your campmates, out of the goodness of your heart, then you are absolutely welcome to do so :)

Litter Box

Cozy Cat Camp will have our very own camp porta-potty! No long lines and dirty porta-potties for our pampered kittens!

What NOT to Expect

No Water

Bring your own water! And plenty of it! We do not provide water for campers or RVs. You can flag down a service truck for water and/or RV pump out. This is typically a challenging process, so we suggest that you limit your usage of water for showers, cooking, etc. so that you will not need to be pumped while at the event. 

Only a Little Power

Cozy Cat Camp does not provide power on a regular basis. Campers may charge their smaller items, like cameras, phones, and usb battery packs, on one of our camp's personal generators if they first get permission from the generator's owner. Be mindful and try to bring some cash to contribute towards fuel costs, or consider bringing some extra gas with you to help run the generators. Alternatively, maybe you could invest in some spiffy solar panels to charge your stuff...

What We Expect from YOU

Camp Dues

Camp dues help to cover the costs of the camp porta-potty and camp infrastructure like shade, lighting, sound, decorations, and more. Dues also go towards the storage and transportation of things to and from the playa.

Cozy Cat Camp dues for 2024 are as follows:


You must participate! You must contribute! Cozy Cat Camp is built through communal effort. There are many volunteer opportunities, so pick something that sounds fun and suits your style. Some opportunities include:

Recommended Attire

We will encourage you to get in to cat character and costume to whatever degree you wish. MEOW!

Appreciate the 10 Principles 

Cozy Cats should appreciate the 10 Principles that form the foundation of Burning Man. These principles are not just guidelines; they represent a philosophy and a way of life that can lead to personal growth, community building, and a more conscious and connected existence. Please review them and know them!

Pack-it-in, Pack-it-out

Clean up after yourself! You are responsible for bringing what you need to Burning Man, and YOU are responsible for taking out what you bring in. That includes your trash and food waste. Your efforts to reduce MOOP are much appreciated!!

Law enforcement

Cozy Cats must obey all local, state, and federal laws.